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          It is understandable that politicians want to respect the wishes of the voters.   But shouldn't the voters have a chance to base their decisions on the true facts of an issue rather than rumor and deception?   We can't have voters arriving at conclusions based on something they saw in a TV drama series or erroneous media reports about medical benefits of smoking marijuana.   Let's all arrive at our final stand on this issue based on fact rather than fiction.  The following is true:

According to which holds a wealth of information and statistics about marijuana:

Organizations Who Reject Smoked Marijuana:
- American Medical Association
- National Multiple Sclerosis Society
- American Glaucoma Society
- American Academy of Ophthalmology
- American Cancer Society

Some doctors advocate use of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana) but only in capsule form by prescription.   This is the only safe way to regulate dosage.   And they never advocate smoking it because it is far more carcinogenic than tobacco smoking.   Please don't be fooled by people advocating the legalization of medical use of marijuana.   It would make a nightmare for law enforcement being unable to distinguish medical users from recreational users on the street.   And there is no sound medical basis for smoking a joint.