Who Does It Really Hurt?                      9/2/2008

          The supporters of Marijuana Decriminalization want voters to blindly accept one basic idea: "It doesn't really hurt anybody." When voters think of the question "Who does it really hurt?" they want you to be aware of none of the answers, and thus receive your unsuspecting vote. So I am going to supply you with some of the answers.
          "Who does it really hurt?" What about the upstanding citizen who is trying to keep his body drug-free? But with just a $100 fine, pot-smoking is so wide-spread that he can't avoid breathing it in his day-to-day life. That is a serious violation of his constitutional rights.
          "Who does it really hurt?" What about the children who play in a public playground? But several pot-smokers are there, some with as many as 100 joints on their person. They are actively smoking marijuana nearby your kids who return home under the influence. And their penalty: just a $100 fine.
          "Who does it really hurt?" Did you know that the incidence of car accidents and the seriousness of their injuries is much higher per person in marijuana users than with alcohol? In many of the car accidents, the person had not smoked just before the accident, proving that marijuana stays in the body and can flare up without warning. Similar statistics hold true in accidents in the workplace.
          "Who does it really hurt?" Links have been made between marijuana use and mental health problems, educational failures, and reduced job production. Do we really want to send the message that it is socially acceptable?
          "It doesn't really hurt anybody." is a lie! Don't let George Soros, a billionaire from New York dictate your vote. In Massachusetts, the birthplace of freedom, know the truth and stand up for your rights.

On November 4th Vote NO on Question 2